I would like for you to understand what hypnosis is all about.  Hypnosis is natural and safe.  In hypnosis, you are not asleep.  Neither are you unconscious.  It’s about what you experience for instance when so engrossed in a television program or driving to work, that nothing around you can disturb you.  For most people being in hypnosis doesn’t feel much different to how they usually feel.  Most likely they’ll feel relaxed-more than ever before.

Hypnosis is not something one person “does” to another.  It is a built-in ability of your brain.  It is a way of using your concentrated imagination to change you deeper, mostly subconscious, thoughts.  Because the subconscious cannot tell the difference between real and imagined experience this  leads to changes in your behavior and conscious thoughts.  So if you were terrified of speaking in public, for example, a few sessions of hypnotherapy could transform you into someone who lives to speak in a crowd.

Both strong-minded and strong-willed people who want to be hypnotized achieve excellent results from hypnosis.  People who feel they have no will power can also achieve excellent results.  There is no category of people who are more susceptible to hypnosis.  Hypnosis cannot be used as a lie detector or truth serum.  You cannot be made to divulge secrets.

Since the medical field recognizes the role of psychological factors in illness, hypnosis has become a recognized therapeutic tool in the treatment of smoking, weight control, fears, pain, insomnia, and many other areas.  It has also been shown to speed recovery from many types of trauma.

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