Spiritual Readings

I have been claircognizant and especially clairsentient for some time.  As I aged, it became stronger.  I did not think a thing about it because I thought everyone “thought” like me.   Indeed everyone can but some have stronger or more exercised gifts. It has been a continous struggle to trust my claircognizance.  The clairsentience is so strong that for a long time I was not sure if feelings I experienced were mine or anothers.  This has also been difficult.

It is my passion and great pleasure to help people become stronger, more individualized expressions of themselves.  With only your first and last name and month and day of birth, I can connect with spirit to help clarify your path.  Spirit does not tell you what to do.  It is a source of readily available energy to strengthen your convictions and better connect you to your own answers.  Spirit has been a comforting part of my life.

I also use Tarot cards most times to provide even more insight.  Spiritual reading is a long way from what I trained to do in college.  It is only as I get older and more comfortable being me, that I have decided to help people in this way.  I would be honored to get the chance to help you.